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  • 我最喜欢的动物为题英语作文




    In our common home - the earth, life with a lot of animal, which animal do you like? Anyway, my favorite animal is our most loyal friend - a dog.

    My favorite is my neighbor's dog that Beijing BaGou yuan yuan and collie handsome. They play together every day, it is a good friend of a stick dozen not scattered, I also like them, they saw I was shaking his tail towards me.

    Handsome shape tiger is big, the body is about more than 60 centimeters long. Two leg, capable to my shoulders, his eyes, nose, mouth, ears are much older than yuan yuan, I most like to see him running figure - curly float in the sky, like a nice horse. I often and yuan yuan, running with the handsome, every time is handsome first, second, I am the third round. Can literally, handsome running faster than thoroughbred horse. Average dog ran up, send out "clicking" sound, but handsome ran's voice is very small, not carefully is inaudible. The appearance of the handsome run is also very handsome, curly, bow shaped body. If you want to use a word to describe talent, that is: handsome. If you use a word that was impeccable.

    Compared with the handsome, round shape is much smaller, only 30 centimeters in length and a half smaller than talent. The meaning of his name from his eyes, it is too round. Like a shiny black stones. And his legs are very round and round this is name. And his legs are very short, so even if he runs, casting its foot also run fast, but I still like him very much the kind of simple and lovely.

    This is what I like animals, do you like?


    My favorite animal is a small white rabbit, the small white rabbit is very cute, it has a white fluffy, red eyes, a pair of long ears and a short tail.

    Speaking of which, do you know why I like the small white rabbit? That is because I like white and the small white rabbit is white, so I like the little white rabbit. I like the little white rabbit and the second factor, that is the rabbit likes to eat carrots, I also like to eat carrots, this is the second factor.

    This is my introduction of the small white rabbit, do you like it?





    My home have a little puppy. Its whole body furry, dressed in a brown fur jacket. Head round, like a small ball. It is also very like eating meat bone. Whenever I throw it a piece of meat bones, it ran quickly, exhaled to eat.

    It's very naughty. When I got home, it will constantly wags her tail, like the welcome me? Sometimes it saw a stranger wang wang called, as if to protect our home. Sometimes it can be with my toy running around in my side, as if in the game I do with joy. I gave it a good name, called gray.

    I like it very much is gray, because it's cute and naughty, like a little doll.





    If you ask me what my favourite animal.I can tell you pandas are my favourite.I like the pandas not only because they are one of the China's treasures,but also because they looks cute.

    Pandas are very fat and hairy. They have two colours:white and black.The panda'sd face,back and stomach are all white, their eyes nose legs and arms are all black.

    The pandas like eating bamboo. Using the paws,he chew the bamboo very slowly with his mouth.

    There are two pandas called tuantuan and yuanyuan will send to Taiwan.

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