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  • 总结人物和季节的英语作文大全


    初二英语作文:春游(A Spring Outing)

    Spring came with ail its glories. The new grass exposed its green colour. The pretty flowers opened their blossoms. We were tempted to go for an outing.

    It was Sunday, the 20th of April We set out very early on bikes, carrying bottles of champagne, beer and bags of cakes, bacon and cooked eggs. We rode along the winding paths in the fields, across the meadows and down the roads. The willow were fresh and green. The swallows were flying to and fro, up and down the sky. The birds, like musicians, snang their melodious songs in the trees, and the butterflies, like colorful dancers, were fluttering here and there. We breathed the fresh air deeply and laughed heartily.

    At 10 a.m. we arrived at the foot of the Shushan Hill. We left our bikes with a bike repairing shop and began to climb up the Hill. Near the top, under a big tree with luxuri ant foliage we had our picnic. We drank and ate, talked and laughed. After the picnic we stood in the breeze with our hands on our waists, enjoying the fine landscape. Then we lay on the grass talking about our life and studies.

    At about 4 p. m. , we returned with balmy greenness on our backs and freshness in our hearts.

    初二英语作文:My sister

    My dream home is not very large.It's a wooden house.it is near the sea.I'd like to have 5 rooms in my home.I have a kitchen,a bathroom,a sitting room,a studyand my own bedroom.I like living near the sea because it is very quiet there.I can watch the sea and can always play on the beach.

    The furniture in my house is all made of wooden.

    It is good for our health.I like having a rest in my bedroom.I like listening to music of JJ while I'm reading books in my room.I always ask my friends to come here.

    初二英语作文:My sister

    My sister likes swimming.She always goes swimming in summer.But last summer she was very unlucky.

    She put her clothes in an old locker.It was hard to lock it.Then she went to swimming.And she Played happily in the swimming pool.Two hours later,she went out the water and took out the key to the locker.But soon she found she can't open it at all.She spent about half an hour to open it but nothing happened.Of course she couldn't wear a swimming suit and go out.She was worry about it.

    At last she was angry.She kicked the locker.And it opened!

    初二英语作文:My favourite festival

    My favourite festival is the Spring Festival. Why? Because I have lots of fun at the Spring Festival.

    The Spring Festival is a popular holiday in our country. It is in January or February. Our family get together. We have a big dinner at my grandparents' home. I always eat a lot of delicious food. My cousin and me both get red packets from our grandparents. My parents usually go shopping with me. We buy some nice clothes for ourselves. We often watch TV at home and sometimes read books or surf the Internet. Sometimes, we greet other people on the phone.

    I'm always happy at the Spring Festival. Which is your favourite festival?

    初二英语作文:Winter Holiday

    This winter holiday, I went to Kunming with my family. Kunming is a very beautiful city, I think. The sky is blue and the air is clean. You can see many kinds of nice flowers everywhere. The weather there is great. It′s never too hot or too cold all the year round, so people always call it "Spring City".

    Kunming is surrounded by beautiful scenery. And one of the most famous views is "The Stone Forest". It is really scenic.

    We just stayed in Kunming for six days, but I felt very happy, and I like Kunming very much.


    Dear Dad,

    Today I was at the shopping mall and I spent a lot of time reading the Father's Day cards. They all had a special message that in some way or another reflected how I feel about you. Yet as I selected and read, and selected and read again, it occurred to me that not a single card said what I really want to say to you.

    You'll soon be 42 years old, Dad, and you and I will have had 55 Father's Days together. I haven't always been with you on Father's Day nor have I been with you for all of your birthdays. It wasn't because I didn't want to be with you. I've always been with you in my heart but sometimes life gets in the way.


    今天我在商场的时候, 我读了好长时间的有关“父亲节”的贺卡。那些卡片上面的文字很特别,也或多或少地表达出了我对您的`感受。我挑选读过一次后,又挑选读了一遍,但那并不是一张贺卡所能表达出我想对您说的话的。


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