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  • 满分英语作文精选


    作文1.How I learn English

    Hello, everyone. It is my honor to talk with all of you about how to learn English well . I like English very much . I always preview and master the main idea of the lesson before class. In class , I listen carefully , speak loudly and write carefully and take notes if necessary . After class , I do my homework carefully . I watch English movies and listen to English songs . I have booked an English newspaper . It's Times English Post , I can learn a lot from it . I am not afraid of remembering the new words because I master many good methods . I hope you work hard at English and make progress every day . That's all .



    作文2. History of the Internet

    Nowadays Intemet is very popular all over the world, especially in some big cities. Do you know when the Intemet was first established? Built in 1960s, the Internet was a crude network of a few computers which shared information. If one of the computers broke down, the whole networks would be unable to work, causing continual problems. At first, just the government had access to the Internet, using it for communications among different branches. However, by 1970s the Internet had been used in universities, banks, and hospitals. At the beginning of 1990s computers became affordable for common people and this affordability increased the use of the Internet by people,

    It is said that each day tens of millions of people log off, making it the most important part of people's life.




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