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  • The Hen小学生英语童话作文

    The Hen小学生英语童话作文

    Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a big hen. This big hen laid eggs for the farmer everyday and the farmer ate the hen’s eggs everyday. This morning the farmer came again. He got the eggs from the nest happily. “Great. Two big eggs. I like to eat eggs.” said the farmer.

    “Oh, no. They’re my eggs. You can not eat my eggs.” said the hen angrily. The next day, the farmer came into the hen house. He looked for eggs under the hen but he couldn’t get any eggs. “What? No eggs! It wastes my time to feed you. I will have to eat you up.” said the farmer. The hen heard what the farmer said and she was so worry. “Oh! My god. The farmer is going to kill me. I do not want to be kilt. I really enjoy my life. How can I do?” the hen cried sadly. The farmer decided to eat the hen. He went to get a big pot quickly and prepared to cook the hen in it. The hen went back to her nest. She sat on the nest and said to herself. “ I must try my best to lay many eggs so that the farmer will change his mind. Cluck, cluck, cluck. At this moment, the farmer came back with the big pot. The hen felt scare when she saw the big pot. “ I do not want to go into the pot. Help! Help!” “It’s no use to cried.” said the farmer. The farmer tried to put the hen into the pot. “Cluck! Cluck! Cluck! I do not want you to eat me.” “What do I see? Eggs, eggs, eggs. ”

    “I am safe.”said the hen. “Yes. You are safe now. What a good hen! ” The farmer saw five big eggs in the nest. He is so happy and excited and he promised not to eat the hen anymore.

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