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  • 最佳的矛和盾小学优秀英语作文


    Storyteller: Long long ago, there was a seller, he took a spear and a shield to the market, and began to sell them.”

    Seller: Come on, come on, everyone! Come here and have a look, I have the best spear and shield.

    Costmer: well, they are not bad.

    Seller: No bad? They are the best. Have you seen my spear? It’s the best in the world , My spear could stab through any shields.

    Costmer 2: Oh, really? What about your shield. Seller: Of course it’s the best, too. It can stop any spears in the world.

    Wise Fellow:Then…… ,what if your spear fights against your shield?

    Seller: Sorry! I forget my own shield?

    the 安全教育作文 写景状物作文 晚霞作文 99作文网

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