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    topic 1:

      people attend college or university for many different reasons(for example ,new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). why do you think people attend college or university? use special reasons and examples to support your answer.

      1 students have ample opportunity to explore a variety of interests, increase both their general and specific knowledge, prepare for a chosen career and develop independence.

      2 all of these are valuable goals to achieve, but it is my belief that most students today pursue higher education to prepare for their future careers.

      3 the world has changed a great deal since universities were established.

      topic 2:

      do you agree or disagree with the following statement? parents are the best teachers. use special reasons and examples to support your answer.

      1 first, our parents begin teaching us the moment we are born, and what they teach us in those early years are the most important we can learn.

      2 in addition, they teach us how to be independent and how to learn.

      3 finally, our parents are devoted teachers who always want the best for us.

      topic 3:

      food has become easier to prepare. has this change improved the way people live ? use special reasons and examples to support your answer.

      1 in the past , preparing a meal was a long and laborious process.

      2 meals can now be prepared in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

      3 most importantly ,because food preparation is no longer such a time - consuming process, people have more time for other things.[TOEFL测验作文的经典趣话]相干文章:

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